'42' shows why Jackie Robinson still matters

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    I'm white. Jackie was my boyhood hero. I have an autographed baseball containing his name (worth $4K, I'm told). I'm 30 years older than Jackie's number, but I still wear his "42" Dodger shirt each April 15th. I wore his "42" shirt on April 15 for each of the seven years in which I substitute-taught 9th graders.

    I showed them my JR baseball (sealed in a see-through plastic sphere -- and held tightly by me; no hand-passing down the rows).

    These 15-year-olds hadn't a clue. In 2012 (I had heard that the movie was coming out in April of 2013) I begged my students to see this movie, especially the black kids. They need to know about him and what he did for baseball. Can't wait to see it ... a few times! ;-)

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    I can't wait to see this movie! Jackie Robinson is a hero of life, not just baseball. His widow waited many years for the right script, actors and directors before giving this project the green light and she did the right thing by insisting on unknown actors being cast in the leads. Hopefully, it won't be long before it reaches Japan.

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    The lack of replies and comments on this JR article bolsters the fact that virtually nobody cares. "So what?" What a shame!

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    I wonder if the movie addresses the positive welcome Robinson got in Montreal when he signed as the first black player in the minor leagues, playing for the Montreal Royals. Since the days of the underground railroad, Montrealers have for the most part been more progressive than many of their fellow North Americans when it comes to race.

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