Colonel Sanders cosplays as Dragon Ball Z’s Goku

Colonel Sanders cosplays as Dragon Ball Z’s Goku


In Japan, Colonel Sanders has been known to dress up as Santa Claus around Christmas time and as a giant purple robot around … other times, but now he’s found an even cooler costume. Starting Feb 15, Colonel Sanders will cosplay as Dragon Ball Z’s Goku at seven different locations in Japan. Each statue will hold one of the seven dragon balls, distinguished by the number of stars contained in the middle.

KFC will also offer a “Light Up! Dragon Bottle” with the purchase of one of five limited edition value packs. The “Light Up! Dragon Bottle” is a water bottle with “a cap that lights up dark places.”

Each aluminum bottle is decorated with a Dragon Ball Z character and comes with one of seven light-up dragon balls. KFC and Dragon Ball Z also collaborated to produce a limited edition Goku takeout bag.

The colonel’s new threads and promotional merchandise are part of a promotion for the newest Dragon Ball film, “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods,” which will open in theaters across Japan on March 30.

Cosplaying Colonel Sanders statues can be found at the following locations (starting Feb 15): Sapporo, Sendai, Ebisu, Sakae, Osaka, Hakata and Okinawa.

Source: entabe

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    Cortes Elijah

    Awesome! Gotta love Japan's awesome unique things they do! I grew up watching DBZ and still love it! I will certainly be seeing this new film! Hey I might even drop into KFC to pick up one of these deals!

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