Country singer Kristofferson looks to end of road

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    Kristofferson made me laugh in the Steven Seagal movie Fire Down Below when his son said "Do you want me to take him out?" and he replied, "Son, you couldn't take out a cheeseburger from a drive-through."

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    I always thought he was cool as "Wesley Snipes" mentor Whistler in the Blade movies. Never knew he was THAT talented.

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    Good god this man has done it all!! Impressive history from a mighty fine musician.

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    Laurence Lance

    The Canadian Rail Road Trilogy speaks to the men, like my grandfather, who worked the deep woods "living on stew and drinking bad whisky"

    Kristofferson is a one of a kind talent, and yes, I don't expect him or any like him to "come this way again"

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