DNA shows ancestry of present-day Asians, Native Americans

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    I'm part Native American, and have been told by more than a few Nihonjin that that makes me "close enough" to part Japanese. An enjoyable thought!

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    So Asians ARE different from Western Europeans? Huh? The things you learn...

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    So Native Americans arent native, just the first racial group to arrive in N America. I guess the Canucks have it right with 'First Nations'...

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    We were taught that when I was at school 30 years ago! How is this new?

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    thunderbird- I think it's the actual genetic proof and the whens of it, and how closely related that is the news here.

    This stuff is really interesting. Apparently they now think that all non-Africans are descended from a group of about 100 peeps that left/ wandered out of Africa at one single time about 60,000 yrs ago. That's Euro, Indian, Chinese, Australian, Native America, etc all come from 100 folks. And ALL humans apparently can be genetically shown to come from that one mother "Eve" in Africa 100,000 yrs ago... I too was taught this long ago growing up, but it brings it all home that we are all brothers. All our wars and jealousies and feuds and music and tools and loves and farts and dreams all come from one place.

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    DNA ancestry shows modern humans originated from Africa around 150-200,000 years ago. they migrated out of Africa around 60-120,000 years ago

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    And next China will use this as evidence that the Americas belonged to China "since ancient times" :)

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    This will probably rile many of the ultra-nationalists here who claim they are not related to Koreans and Chinese!

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    Nobody REALLY thinks that anymore Burakimindes. Special and different, yes, but not completely unrelated.

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