Ghibli's 'Ni no Kuni' an epic adventure with charm

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    I played the demo at Hyper Japan in November (at Earls Court in London) It was so adorable, and totally Ghibli. I felt like I was in control of one of their animations

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    I am glad they are trying something new. I just wish that Ghibli characters did not look so totally gets very strange to watch some lovely anime story but acted out by Gaijin. It is a strange compromise and i had hoped that they would get braver as Anime has come fully into its own as a Japanese art form, not just a copy of western cartoons.

    I wish them success.

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    Been playing it. The beginning story takes place in an American town voiced by Brits, so it's appropriately English.

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    It looks fantastic, whatever Ghibli makes, it looks great. But im afraid this game is a bit too much geared to the younger generation.

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    Oh well - i guess i'll never get to play this - doubt it'll be ported to PC

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