Humorist Dave Barry discusses writing, his audience, drugs and animal rights

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    An interesting interview with one of the funniest writers around, sadly, made by by a nincompoop...

    "Q: Do you worry you are aiming for the lowest common denominator audience?"

    Always remember, dear reader. If you can laugh about things.... that is not a good sign.

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    Dave is great! No one can dimisnish the value of his writing. Lightening the load of life through laughter is one of the highest callings of mankind.

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    This guy is tensai!

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    "I have never had any insights on beer. Except for, "Whoa, I think I'll have another beer."


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    I've always thought that his book "Dave Barry Does Japan" managed to capture more of the essence (ridiculous and otherwise) of Japan than many, many more serious books. And it was based on only a few weeks' vacation here with his family!

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