National Living Treasure keeps kabuki alive

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    No Miso

    Saw him in London back in '91 (I think). I found the whole Kabuki experience very interesting. It was more of a play between the actors and the audience insofar that the audience had a significant part to play. The audience was a mix of first timers and some Japanese die hard fans. As a result, it all fell a bit flat as despite having guidance via headphones, us "foreigners" didn't really feel comfortable when prompted "...and Bando Tamasaburo would now appreciate it if you would shout out his name." There was a lot for the audience to do in terms of applause at the "right" moment which never seemed to relate to any specific point or feat worth applauding. That aside, is was a great experience, and the colour and extravagance of costumes was remarkable. Not exactly sure that I would rush to see it again though!

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    Dull and dieing.

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    "As in its contemporary European equivalent, there are no women actors."


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    I suppose it is a great art to play a woman if you are a man. In old times in Europe was the same order, in Greek theatres all roles were performed by men.

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