'Secret Cinema' smashes through the screen

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    Sounds great fun!

    It says the cinema-goers "don't even know what film they are going to see" and yet it had a "month-long run". Surely after the first night the word would get out? Anyway, I think I'd prefer to have some idea of what the movie is, before booking. Participating in Alien for example wouldn't be my idea of a great day out.

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    David L Reinke

    Interesting idea, but film selection is key or this could go south rapidly. Imagine doing Schindler's List, or Zulu, and while 1984 would avoid some of of the other film's thornier issues, it might not be much fun to live through. On the other hand, The Wizard of Oz or Fantasia might be a lot of fun, and so too Star Wars, if a bit obvious.

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    Kyoko Sakata

    I, too, would like to know what movie I'd be walking into. I'd not want to experience seeing a rape scene right in front of me for entertainment sake. Crosses the morality border because I would have paid to see a horrible thing (though I would have gone into it blind). I can only imagine some soldiers going to such a thing and gross war memories pop up from a featured war movie they were participating in. A head's up would greatly be needed.

    Overall awesome concept. I'd try it once but since people talk anyway I'd find out what movie and theme the Secret Cinema was putting on.

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