Beef bowl prices at Sukiya outlets to be cut by 30 yen for limited time


Prices of “gyudon” (beef bowl) meals at Sukiya restaurants will be lowered by 30 yen to 250 yen from Dec 5 to Dec 10.

Sukiya operator Zensho Co said the price cut will be implemented at all its outlets. However, during the six-day period, the menu will be reduced to three dishes—regular “gyudon,” curry rice and chicken mince rice bowls, Zensho said.

Meanwhile, Yoshinoya Co on Friday introduced a chicken bowl dish to its regular menu. 

Japan Today

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    Tel Porter

    I really miss me some Sukiya.

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    I just love Sukiya! They're so creative. I love their "ninniku gyudon". Great news for people like me who loves gyudon!

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    30 yen...,woohoo!

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    Yoshinoya will react to this by lowering prices too?

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    Only in Japan would people get all excited about a 30-yen discount. I cannot imagine this kind of fuss happening in any other industrialized nation.

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    @ Tessa

    we do in America. There are plenty restaurants here offer either discounts or really cheap course menu for lunch nowadays.

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    This is news?

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    YuriOtaniDec. 02, 2012 - 10:46AM JST

    This is news?

    I guess so.

    I have a McDonal free promo card. This is how it works. When my NFL state team wins, then I can get a free McMuffin breakfast combo or a BigMac combo all day on (monday). They are absolutely free. My team has been winning, so I get these free sometimes. There are many other BOGO free deals. When American businesses want to promote the their products, they do BIG unlike Japan.

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    That still won't get me to buy it. I'm just not into beef much any more.

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    Geoff Gillespie

    This is news?

    This is Japan...

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