China tries to quell anxiety on economy, cuts growth target

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    Is China really communist any more?

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    China tries to quell anxiety on economy, cuts growth target

    Very good, if advanced countries and Western Media still concerned, India is there to supplement any shortcomings of economic growth.

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    China is making the same policy mistakes of Japan in the 1990s. After very loose credit policies in the 2009 to 2015 period, China is now into fiscal spending. The fiscal spending will prove wasteful and unproductive. China is trapped with an over-valued currency relative to its trading competitors. Expect weaker and weaker growth from China. US politics are pointing to a hard time for Asia after the US Presidential election. Political pressure will be on Yen, Yuan and Won to appreciate.

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    “It’s an exhilarating report. It’s a mobilization order,” said delegate Zhu Liangyu from Beijing. “I completely agree with it.”

    From the kissing up school of political advancement, I suppose. Exhilarating!

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