EgyptAir halts Cairo-Japan flights

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    This is an example of the mediocre management of both EgyptAir and Egyptian Civil Aviation. What is the reason for EgyptAir to wait for the situation to be deteriorated to the level of incurring massive economic losses? What kind of support expected to be offered by either Japanese or Egyptian government? Well, Japan Airlines terminated its flights to Egypt long time ago because of no or limited commercial viability. Will it make any sense for the Japanese government to subsidize EgyptAir flights while it did not support the flights of Japan Airlines in the past? More importantly, it seems that EgyptAir management is not aware of the ongoing free market economy.

    It is equally funny for the Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation to admit that the loss of 6 billion Egyptian pounds only warrants for flight reduction. Why is he ignoring the idea of restructuring EgyptAir? Considering the current economic situation of Egypt, the government will not be able to support the lousy non-economic operation of EgyptAir for a long time as it has some other aspects with higher priority.

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