Gloomy economic data shows daunting task facing Abe

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    Japan on Friday said factory output for November was down 1.7% from the previous month, in the latest gloomy sign for the world’s third-largest economy

    As much as it scares me to think the world's third largest economy is in the hands of someone like Abe, I sure hope for everyone there that his policies have a positive impact. Otherwise this recession the country has entered into could be a long one.

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    In other data released Friday, Japan’s unemployment rate slipped to 4.1% in November from 4.2% the previous month, official data showed.

    "every cloud has a silver lining?" no, it's manipulated data.

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    And who got the country into this mess? INCUMBENTS! The only way to bring change is to vote for anyone other than the person in office. Unfortunately, voters have short term memory and continue to believe it is the other politician who is the problem. However, Japan has a revolving door in politics so an incumbent only sits out until the next election.

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    Yesterday I went to "Makeman" and surprised by finding that every 9 out of 10 items are not Made in Japan. Forget about exporting. Japanese product are not affordable inside Japan itself. Printing money and screwing BOJ is temporary solution.

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    spelling out the daunting task that lies ahead for the new conservative government

    The new government is not conservative. It is made up of liberal democrats.

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    Unemployment benefits only last for six months in Japan, then you go visit a nice forest near Mt. Fuji and you are no longer counted as unemployed...

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