Honda chief eyes more exports from U.S.

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    What's so "unnatural" about Japan sticking with what works?

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    Saulo Akazawa

    It is the new norm! This trend is happening for quite some time, a lot of manufacturing work if been done overseas to keep Japanese companies afloat. Hopefuly the yen will receade some more and we get to keep the production lines that have not left yet. Daydreaming again, I know!!!

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    Bought a new Honda Fit this summer. They make lots of Hondas here in Ohio, but my Fit was made in Japan, Dealerships have rows and rows of US made Hondas, but usually only one Fit or not even one in stock, They had to transfer mine in from another dealer.

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    @ jeff198527 - cuz its doesnt work anymore so no need to stick to it

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    @ edbardoe In a couple of years, the Honda fit will be manufactured in North America, probably Mexico. So look to see more Fits in the future.

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    Green Panda

    I think imports from the US are a good stop gap to increase profitability that the yen has eroded. Eventually Honda will seek to increase profitability even more and Mexico will benefit the most from this, although Thailand will also pick up some of their import business.

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    This will be a new norm of Japan Inc regardless..

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    René Leinfelder

    I want Honda Made in Japan not Made in USA!!!

    Best wishes from Germany


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