Japan business confidence tumbles, 'tankan' report shows

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    Some analysts expect a v shaped recovery from second half 2011 into 2012.

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    The economy has really not changed for 20 years, now there is a reason for it! Can not blame Government anymore because now it's all the earth quakes fault.

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    Looks like the tankan has tanked.

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    Some analysts expect a v shaped recovery from second half 2011 into 2012.

    not for Japan, i guess.

    The bank’s next policy board meeting is scheduled for July 11-12

    routine meeting, near zero interest rate policy and no funds to flow from BOJ for now.


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    But the tankan points to improvements ahead, adding to evidence that the world’s No. 3 economy is likely to recover toward the end of the year. The survey forecasts business sentiment among large manufacturers to rise to plus 2 over the next quarter.

    Based on Y80/$. I would not be too sure about it.

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    Jeffrey Duelley

    Uh...Japan's economy was only in recession for 10 years, and it's per-capita GDP has been growing for quite a while.

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