Japanese companies say mergers held up by China regulators

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    Let's pray to Abe's special envoys who are travelling in cold winter to China/SKorea, they may bring some positive news for Japan Inc.

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    China's stalling tactics are legendary - - -

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    The tone & substances of the 'report' biased overtly towards the presumed Chinese 'conspiracy', a few similar M&A cases involving J-companies right before the territorial disputes followed the same lengthy procedure, hence it does not necessarily imply some forms of 'revenge' ? Perhaps, giving up the Chinese market once for all could be an option ?

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    from China and an eastern European country.

    Which Eastern European country? How often does this happen? If it's a regular thing then it is nothing unusual. This isn't reporting, it's propaganda.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Too bad Sony and Olympus have to put up with this BS from China!

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    Awwww.... I'm willing to bet that while these companies whine and blame Chinese regulators they'll firmly state that certain islands belong to Japan and there's no debating it. Ie. It's not just China who's to blame.

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    Japanese companies say mergers held up by China regulators

    LOL. Japanese companies are complaining because Chinese regulators are supposedly dragging their heels on approving Japanese acquisitions. This from the country that makes it virtually impossible for foreign firms to make acquisitions. Imagine that regulators being used to support poitical agendas.

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    Japan tactics are legendary: Cry like a baby.

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