Japanese manufacturers' confidence dives: BOJ

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    stoking fears Japan was slipping into a recession

    Slipping? I think they have their tenses confused. It should be 'has slipped'! The government is broke, the pension system has collapsed, more than a dozen large Japanese corporations have either folded or moved their operations offshore in the last year alone, salaries have been declining for the last decade, unemployment is rising, peoples' disposable income has reduced to near zero and the government cannot afford the cost of maintaining the current infrastructure. FAIL!!!

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    I think Japan will do just fine.

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    Innovation, innovation and innovation. That's what it takes for Japan to turn around the direction of economy as a whole.

    Americans have been complaining about a tax hike, but the fact is average American consumers have been spending a 1% of disposable income to the Apple and other Apple related products such as itue, iphone, networking. What is a biggest 2012 Christmas gift wish item among American kids? According to the research, more than 51% of American kids want Apple products this year.

    Chovani Greek Yogurt cannot catch up with the consumer demand. The CEO born and raised in Turkey has earned over 5 billion in just 5 years with a little investment. His products are very superior, and the consumers themselves are doing marketing for him on facebook. I cannot get his Yorgurt as they are always sold out. He is changing a Yogurt culture in US. He does not have a MBA degree in business. What is a common denominator for both Steve Jobs and Chovanni share for success? INNOVATION!!

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