Japan's biggest bank reports 58% profit tumble

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    Japanese still hold the highest savings in personal accounts in J banks in the world . . . . . .These figure's don't show the hidden assets which banks hold ------- which topple most countries.............................. Japan has huge money.

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    The Post Office savings account in 2006 was ¥200 trillion. Recently the insurance section have been sending out letters to customers to claim their part of ¥10 billion claims not paid out.

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    don't show the hidden assets ..

    yes! ¥¥¥¥¥¥ hidden under those tatami mats.

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    Having piles of assets doesn't equate to making profit - Japan's assets are dead. mostly invested in zombie companies and JGB's (which are even more unproductive). Shame on a once great economy.

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    I wonder why this bank is gambling on the stock market instead of sticking to its core business? Why are they investing in Spanish electricity companies? Still, it will all be a drop in the ocean when their Japanese government bond holdings become worthless.

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    If I made that little I would kill myself.

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