Panasonic, Sony, Sharp looking to sell $3 bil worth of assets

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    Good, put a small ad in Forbes !

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    five percent is enough greedy bastards! Even one percent is enough, the Japanese greedy need to be deported to Red China.

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    5% is enough -greedy bastards? ...What are you on about Yuri? So what if it is 10 or 20 or even 50%?...Would you prefer a major company goes under and many more people loose their jobs rather than see foreign companies take a shareholding stake ..Why? In order to allay some xenophobic fears and ideas about foreigners should not have stakes in J-companies? How many overseas companies did J-firms had and continue to have large holdings in? Why shouldn,t it be a 2 way street? Its Japan,s turn to face reality and get with the times.

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    The greed is because they can make so much more money selling out their employees. A good profit is not enough for them and as for their recent loses they made STUPID decisions. Today's corps have declared war on their employees.

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    Will be more innovation .....more innovation....this is a bad cycle.

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    I've been alive long enough to see these things go in cycles. When I first moved to Japan the PS2 was the biggest thing in the world, Japanese cell phone were much, much more enticing than their counterparts, and the electronic giants were on top. Who knows what will happen in the next 15 years. Maybe Japan will be on top again.

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