Sony hit with second Moody's downgrade in a month

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    Sony is no longer an interesting brand to buy. With the prices that they charge for their ancient products, I would never buy Sony. There are so many better things to buy than Sony.

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    The global ratings agency chopped Sony by one notch to Baa3 with a negative outlook, just above junk grade,

    "Just above junk grade". Who would have thought one of the pillars of Japan Inc. could fall so far, so fast?

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    Simple: the super strong Japanese yen is killing everything...

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    "Simple: the super strong Japanese yen is killing everything..."

    Probably too 'handy' to writeoff the malfunction of SONY. How many 'Sony' branded gadgets we buy are genuinely made in Japan ? Today's situation is resulted from the long-term strategies set by their management 5~10 years ago when Sony was sitting on the peak of its brand power with no close challengers, hence why bother ? This scenario was exactly the arrogent attitude of Detroit's Big Three decades ago towards the then modest Toyota ?

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