TEPCO triples net loss forecast

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    warning it expected to lose about 120 billion yen or almost three times an earlier estimate.

    Bravo. Great job. Nine months into the fiscal year and you just now figured out you're going to lose THREE TIMES what you predicted. I guess the extra 75 billion yen or so loss just kind of snuck up on them, huh?

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    Looking at those protestors I wonder, have they been following the news in China? Or do they live such low-consumption lifestyles that they don't have TVs.

    Without nuclear power we either accept toxic smog or very, very limited electricity as the "green" sources are not intense enough to run our trains and factories. Maybe in 50 years things will be different. But now, we need to be using at least some of the existing nuclear plants.

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    TEPCO have been spending billions rebuilding its second Fukushima atomic plant even though its unlikely to get permission to ever run it again because of the level of radiation contamination from the first atomic plant.

    TEPCO has also been spending billions on its Niigata atomic plant by increasing the height of the sea wall. If the new NRA decides to redefine what is an active fault line from the current 120,000 years to 400,000 years will mean TEPCO won't be able to operate its Niigata plant, the largest nuclear power plant in the world.

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    Ha! What a big surprise, NOT! They have purposely been underestimating their loss keep their investors. Now, anybody that was foolish enough to beleive them and keep their shares has been swindled. But, there will be another public apology and all will be fine.

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    The government already gave the company billions of yen for the past 2 years, and still, this company is asking for more and more and more ... how much more should the people pay before they realize that all their taxes are going to the payroll of a select few who can't even manage their company properly?

    When is the government going to take control of TEPCO?

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    When is the government going to take control of TEPCO?

    They already have with 51% of the stock.

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