Toyota sees Japan sales dropping 20% in 2013

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    20% drop in Japan, 50% drop in China and 2013 sales target unknown....Toyota's main banks should note carefully :)

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    haha, arrogance drops your profits faster than you can say 'China'

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    One of the main problems is they don't know what the customers want. Last year around this time i was looking for a Toyota BOF SUV. The only ones i found were the Land Cruiser which both were out of my price range. On Goo-Net i found Toyota 4Runner's (aka Hilux Surf) which is still made in Japan but not sold in Japan. I bought new 2011 from Oregon and had it shipped back to Japan cheaper than the base price land Cruiser.

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    Takuma7, comparing Hilux Surf with Land Cruiser is like comparing BMW 5 series with BMW 7 series or comparing Benz E Class with Benz S Class, the level of two cars is different of what you are comparing. Can u get Land Cruiser left hand cheaper than the same model in Japan? NO!! And Toyota is a global leader, they very well know the market situation. That is why Hilux Surf is no more sold in Japan but is still available in overseas market.

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    Was not comparing was saying i wanted a BOF SUV and the Land Cruiser is the only ones in Japan. I wanted a mid price Toyota BOF SUV not a highend SUV.

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    Jeeze, government subsidies accounted for 20% of their sales in Japan? That's a nice little bonus.

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