U.S. weekly beef exports to Japan hit two-year high

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    Well, Americans are leaving from red meat and are eating more fish and sushi while Japanese are eating more beef.

    Who thought about that 20 years ago?

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    random business, might come to a sudden halt if slight documentation error is found at Japanese Customs.

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    bilderberg_2015Feb. 23, 2013 - 08:01PM JST

    Great! No more need to eat overly fatty Japanese beef!

    Hope the beef are all free from anti-biotic and hormone shots.

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    Globalwathcher Hope the beef are all free from anti-biotic and hormone shots.
    Not much chance of that the way US beef is kept crowded in feed lots fed on corn and what ever.

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    Damn right cow's good! (BBQ.)

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    World beef markets are tinted with horse-meat so going back to US market is safer way to avoid eating horse.

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    walteryFeb. 24, 2013 - 01:12AM JST

    Globalwathcher Hope the beef are all free from anti-biotic and hormone shots. Not much chance of that the way US beef is kept crowded in feed lots fed on corn and what ever.

    I go to a big stock show every year, and some of them are being sold with injections. I just want to warn you. You need to check.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    That should make Yoshinoya lovers happy but less processed meat and red meat is likely to lower the risk of getting heart disease and cancer, so choose organic poultry, wild caught fish and humanly raised pork if you can find it. I do not eat any fast food, as tasty and convenient as it is ... because of the fat and salt contents and I saw that there is an ingredient in the buns that is actually also used to bleach yoga mats. And when combined with french fries and sugar soft drink.. wow.. really dangerous. You can see the differences in kids in Japan who live on fast food they are fat, slow and do not eat good food at home.

    85% of the corn grown in the US goes to feed. Cattle are fed this GMO genetically modified corn in feed lots that defy description .. I would strongly recommend eating organic range fed beef. Americans are eating less red meat, quitting smoking and exercising more after years and years of programming otherwise.. and stores like Whole Foods is now very popular and trendy with young women and gourmet not just vegetarians... because they sell organic grains, fruits and meat that has no hormones no steroids and is humanly raised and processed. Japanese tourists come to Hawaii and now shop the Whole Foods store taking pictures of the food on the shelves. Buffalo meat by the way has less fat and is grass fed. Free range eggs and chickens are better for you. Eating brown rice instead of white. I think that the reason Okinawan people are as healthy and live long life is because of a diet of fish, sake and pig. At least people in Japan eat less meat more thinly sliced in yakiniku BBQ or hot pot instead of one pound porterhouse steaks grilled on the BBQ. I realize that as much as people eat out in Japan.. I do not see any restaurants promoting that they use organic meats... maybe the big hotel restaurants might serve range fed beef at the prices they charge they should. so just eat healthy eat smart and enjoy a long life.

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    When it finally warms up enough for my buddies and I start to start grilling those imports will further increase.

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