UNIQLO to open first store in Indonesia in summer


UNIQLO operator Fast Retailing on Wednesday said that it will open its first store in Indonesia this summer, marking the company’s entry into the world’s fourth most populous country.

The store will be located inside the new LOTTE Shopping Avenue shopping complex, currently being developed in the Kuningan district of Jakarta. Kuningan is already the home to many bustling shopping malls. With a sales floor of almost 2,680 square meters, the UNIQLO LOTTE Shopping Avenue Store will offer a selection of UNIQLO men’s, women’s, kids’ and babies’ clothing lines. 

Fast Retailing said it views Asia as offering tremendous opportunities for growth, and the company plans to accelerate store openings around the region. At the end of January, UNIQLO operated 1,206 stores in 13 markets including 23 stores in the four Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. 

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    One of the reasons why Uniqlo has become very popular in Japan is because their reasonable prices. Compared to Japanese market and other advanced countries' markets, the price standard in Indonesia is quite low. What is Uniqulo's strategy to promote their products ?

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    the price standard in Indonesia is quite low

    Famous brand products are normally the same price or more expensive in SE Asian countries than in developed countries.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Oh my god!! I can not wait to go all the way to exotic Indonesia, to go and shop at a Uniqlo?? Well, I am sure the good people of Bali etc..will be happy to get a bit of variety, as for me, way too small sizes, only for bloody skin and bone types!

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