Yoshinoya to cut price of beef bowl


Yoshinoya announced Wednesday that it will cut the price of its “gyudon” beef bowl by 100 yen to 280 yen from April 18. Yoshinoya said it was able to lower the price due to eased restrictions on the import of U.S. beef in February.

The operators of the Sukiya and Matsuya “gyudon” chains already announced similar limited-term price cuts last week. Yoshinoya did not say if its price cut will be permanent.

Last year, the three companies engaged in a price-cutting war, but were forced to end it when the price of rice went up. 

Japan Today

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    100 yen!?!? Is American beef that cheap? What were they using before? Japanese? Australian? Could this be an indicator of things to come if the TPP goes through? I hope so!

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