27-year-old woman found strangled to death in apartment


Police said Saturday that a 27-year-old woman was found murdered in her apartment in Ota, Tokyo, on Friday afternoon.

According to police, the woman, an employee at an IT company, was found strangled to death in her apartment at around 12:40 p.m. by a coworker accompanied by police officers who were checking to see if she was OK after after she failed to turn up for work, TBS reported.

Surveillance camera footage at a train station showed her getting off the train at about 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

Police say the woman, who has been named as Momoko Uehara, was found naked, lying face up on a mattress under a blanket. An autopsy confirmed she had been strangled to death.

Police say the front door was locked.

Meanwhile, police said that a male coworker of Uehara jumped to his death from the platform at JR Shinkoiwa Station at around 7:30 p.m. on Friday. Police said they have no information yet on whether the man’s suicide was linked to Uehara’s murder.

Japan Today

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    Brandon Abedor

    What a horrible turn of events. I wonder how the company will be linked to this, if at all.

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    Why would you think the company would be linked? The poor girl was found murdered and a co-worker committed suicide the same evening... wouldn't take Sherlock Holmes to see the link there.

    RIP Momoko...

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    Must be an attractive work place.

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    I dont get how the company got linked in sides they worked together. Its just sad that theyre both dead now. I pray their souls find peace.

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    It is sad to hear about the rise of violent crime taking place in Japan. I dealt with a lot of Japanese people during my 3 year stay in Osaka. Additionally I did a lot of travelling throughout Japan. Yes, there was some crime but none violent like today. My condolence to family & friends of the young 27 year old lady Momoko!

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    how unfortunate!

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    If there was no "link" between the murder and the suicide, that would be one heck of a coincidence. And bringing the company into this is utter nonsense.

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    I lived the better part of my life from 1976 to 2011 and I have watched the lack respect for elderly people, increase of violent crime and the general lack of concern for other increase to dramatic proportions during my stay. In previous years most of the violent crime was isolated to domestic relationships, but I see that the crazies are out there, and Japan has adopted the violent carefree attitude of western civilizations, and the NPA is unprepared for the changes.

    RIP little lady.

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    William Heath

    Very, very sad. A tragic way to die. Who cares about the company??

    RIP Momoko Uehara

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    the lack respect for elderly people

    The feeling's mutual.

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    TV says they found a key to her apartment on the dead guy. It does not take a Sherlock Holmes to deduct something rom that.

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    Why would you think the company would be linked? The poor girl was found murdered and a co-worker committed suicide the same evening... wouldn't take Sherlock Holmes to see the link there.

    Read the article more closely, he committed suicide the next day after she was last seen alive.

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