3 suspicious fires reported in Tokyo's Edo Ward


Police said Monday they are investigating three suspicious fires that were reported in Tokyo’s Edo Ward. According to police, all three incidents took place in short succession on Sunday afternoon.

TV Asahi reported that the first incident involved burning plastic garbage bags outside an apartment block. Emergency
services were called to the scene, but the fire had gone out by the time firefighters arrived. However, minutes later, they were called to another apartment block where some plastic umbrellas had been set alight. Shortly after that, reports were received that an advertising banner outside a nearby dry-cleaning store was burning.

Police say that all three incidents occurred within 15 minutes of one another within an area with a radius of 100 meters. 

Japan Today

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Ok, so they have an arsonist on the loose there in Edogawa ku! Hope this idiot is arrested soon! My in-laws live there!

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    Do the people who find the fire try to put it out before it spreads or do they just call the fire department and watch? An advertising banner on fire? That would take, what, half a minute to burn?

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    3 suspicious fires

    At first, I thought that the fires were seen wearing masks.

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    I live in the area and I remember seeing the fire trucks. Young punks for sure! They're always on the loose in Edogawa!

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