65-year-old man charged with attempted murder of neighbor in fight over cats


A 65-year-old man was arrested on Thursday for assaulting his 73-year-old neighbor with a wooden sword causing serious injury in a fight over cats in Yorii, Saitama Prefecture, police said.

According to police, Yuichi Sasaki is believed to accosted the victim on a path near their respective homes at dawn on Nov 13, following which he allegedly struck him several times with the replica sword, fracturing his skull and causing grievous bodily harm. Police are treating the incident as attempted murder.

Sasaki was quoted by police as saying he was angry that the victim’s cat had been fighting with a wild cat Sasaki was feeding. “It’s because you let your cat out that these fights happen,” Sasaki told his neighbor, according to police. He added that he wasn’t trying to kill the man.

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    More neighbors from hell.

    If he had wanted to kill him however, he would have used a golf club or something more lethal. Probably has real swords at home too. Sounds like he got a bit over excited with the wooden practice sword.

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    wild cats should be left alone....not fed by crazy old people, lonely and desperate to feel important.leave the dirty wild cat alone and spend the cat food money on a gift for your grandchild !

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    What a society we live in.

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    Cripes... Going after your neighbor with a sword (wooden, but you can still do some damage obviously) is not a way to resolve a dispute! And over cats, no less! Ugh, crazy old man.

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    A cat fight starts a human fight?

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    Some people and their animals? I feel for the the 65-year-old guy. People that can't control their animals are the absolute worst neighbours. Why attack the neighbour when you can just bludgeon the cats?

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    jforce-- Are you being sarcastic? And how is it that either cats fault, that they would deserve to be bludgeoned to death? This guy is 65 years old, CERTAINLY he should be old enough to have a conversation with his neighbor and express his concerns, rather than BEAT HIM. It doesn't say anywhere in the article that he had opened his mouth to say anything to his neighbor about it. Perhaps they just left that out, perhaps he had tried before and was ignored, but even if that was true, all the blame falls on the 65 year old for not behaving maturely, and instead beating an old man over something stupid.

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    I had a noisy dog across from my mansion for years and the cops did nothing. They polled all the neighbors and everyone, 100% said what dog? Bull!!! Wimpos

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    jforce at 11:11 AM JST - 24th December

    Why attack the neighbour when you can just bludgeon the cats?

    plus one. No mess, problems over, get back to feeding your stray cat.

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    More geriatric nutters. Regardless of the circumstances, this is not normal rational behaviour.

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    More mental cases on the loose. watch out for the neighbours they are probably mad as maggots.

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    Eeks. Use your words. Didn't he learn that in kindergarten?

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    Something like this happened last year or the year before as well, but in that case the old guy actually killed his neighbour during a dispute over the wild cats she was feeding if I remember correctly.

    I'm sure it's not unique to Japan, but some older people here seem to have some serious anger management issues sometimes, not to mention an incredibly strange sense of perspective.

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    This is why it's safer (gossip mongering aside) to live in apartment complexes and mansions than stand alone homes...at least in Tokyo.

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    A mental institution would not work for this country because the person that knows he/she needs help chooses not to seek it. Violence happens after the fact of discovering this type of person is either crazy or insane. Temper tantrums and emotional breakdowns are beginning to escalate more than ever due to hard times. Why can't this country wake up and smell the roses by doing something about it instead of focusing on other issues.

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    "It's because you let your cat out that these fights happen"


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