Another accident blamed on driver who inhaled loophole drug


Police on Monday arrested a 38-year-old man for reckless driving resulting in injury after he caused an accident while driving under the influence of an hallucinogenic herb.

The incident is the latest in a spate of accidents caused by drivers who have inhaled herbs or so-called loophole drugs.

According to police, a car driven by Yoshiyuki Kitano, 38, a resident of Saitama, was stopped at a red traffic light in Akabane, Kita Ward in Tokyo, on Saturday night, NTV reported. Suddenly, he accelerated while the light was still red, hitting a taxi and a minibike. The 22-year-old bike rider and the 67-year-old taxi driver were injured, police said. Kitano also suffered light injuries and was taken to hospital.

Police said they found a bag with traces of an hallucinogenic herb and a pipe on the front passenger seat of Kitano’s car. He was arrested on Monday after he was discharged from hospital, police said.

Japan Today

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    Awful!! Ban everything!! and be especially careful in Saitama!! Or at least around cars with Saitama plates.

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    How long before the 'pot' apologists start commenting and saying this would never have happened if 'weed' was legalised.

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    This would never have happened if 'weed' was legalised!

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    "How long before the 'pot' apologists start commenting and saying this would never have happened if 'weed' was legalised."

    I honestly don't see what the difference is; he was under the influence of something that anyone with a functional brain would know impairs motor skills. He should have his license revoked for a substantial period of time, pay all hospital fees and replace damaged vehicles for those he injured and then maybe do a stint in prison. Doesn't matter if it's alcohol or pot, does it?

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    This accident wasn't caused by taking a drug, legal or not. This was caused by a person taking a drug, legal or not, and then driving while under the influence. If this guy had done this drug in his house, with no one else around, at the most he would have only caused harm to himself. Yes, I think recreational drugs should be legalized, but if you commit a crime, or cause harm to others, while on said drug, you should pay a severe penalty. It doesn't matter that this guy took a drug. The fact is he caused others harm because of his driving. If he had done the same thing without being on a drug, would that make him any less responsible. I think not.

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    This 'spate' of accidents caused by 'denpa-habu' seems a bit suspicious to me.

    Why have we never heard of such accidents in other countries - it's not like only Japanese have access to these 'loop-hope' drugs now is it. I suspect the police/government are trying to get public support OR, maybe it's true, these people want to get high but are afraid of the consequences of using pot so end up using these far more dangerous 'legal' herbs.

    Make pot legal and 'loop-hole' drug related accidents will be gone overnight.

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    Make pot legal and 'loop-hole' drug related accidents will be gone overnight.

    @igloobuyer... you make me laugh...

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    Hey! Wo back! There is nothing to say he was under the influence at the time of the accident. It is just coincidental he had it in his car. Just more anti-drugs sensationalised reporting.

    It could be time to weaken the control on real hooter and label this synthetic stuff the scourge that it really is.

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    Thunderbird2JUL. 07, 2014 - 04:57PM JST Make pot legal and 'loop-hole' drug related accidents will be gone overnight. @igloobuyer... you make me laugh...

    Because.., anything constructive to say?

    I think what igloobuyer is trying to say is that people are taking these unregulated and clearly dangerous drugs because they can't get the far safer marijuana. What's funny about that?

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    Ban everything!!

    They already do. But everytime they ban them, the producers just release a new version with a new chemical breakdown. It's like a dog chasing its tail.

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    Making pot legal will not stop accidents like these from happening. Making a law which states that if you use a drug and drive while under the influence, your license will be revoked permanently would be much more effective. Either curbing the desire to do so or at least removing the idiots that do.

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    People who use substances whether they be alcohol, pot, meroin, lsd, meth, E, daytura, shrooms, cactus, prescription meds or anything that affects their ability to operate machinery and then drive need to be sorted out.

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    What bothers me most about this is a) the age of these guys. This guy and the guy that killed the Chinese women were in their late 30s. And b) why are people driving after they smoke this stuff? More so in Japan where cities have amazing transportation. If folks want to smoke and do these crap, fine but stay home, sit your butt in some place or use the transportation system so you don't hurt anyone.

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    I think what igloobuyer is trying to say is that people are taking these unregulated and clearly dangerous drugs because they can't get the far safer marijuana. What's funny about that?

    Because driving under the influence of anything, be it drugs or alcohol is, let's be realistic, idiotic at best.

    For igloobuyer to suggest that making pot or weed legal would cut out the accidents is just naiive. THAT is why I found it funny.

    Stupid people would just drive stoned on weed rather than stoned on the loophole drugs. They would still be driving under the influence of a drug. Drugs and cars don't mix. Ever.

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    Synthetic pot, also known as "spice" or K2 has similar properties as the "bath salts" that caused a man to eat another man's face off back in 2012. These hallucinogenic herbs are quite different from marijuana and can cause dangerous health effects like psychotic episodes and seizures.

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    Jack Stern

    Give me a break. His smoking stuff was on the seat and he had a hard time knowing a red light from a green one. He's guilty of a DUI of loop hole smoking. Needs a stiff fine and a suspended licence to protect other drivers for his stupidity.

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    Japan and its loop holes. Shrooms were legal in Japan up until 9 years ago or so, despite the extreme penalties against something as harmless as marijuana. And Saitama AGAIN??

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    Kevin Lee Brooke


    Pot smokers try to justify their dirty (yes, it stinks and makes your breath, body and fingers stink) habit by proclaiming that smoking pot makes you a safe driver. They base this on the fact that the way a police officer can tell whether someone's on alcohol vs. pot, is that the drunk will stop their car PAST the stop sign, and the druggie will stop way ahead of the stop sign.

    What they fail to consider (or admit) is, what happens to the person that rear ends them when they suddenly stop short. OR, the person they hit while fiddling with their pipe, or whatever.

    Personally, I think they should bad ANY use of a cell phone, eating, and cigarettes while driving as well. You are DRIVING, not sitting at home on your sofa. It only takes a fraction of a second of distraction to kill someone. Cars are deadly weapons when not used safely and properly. But the selfish, "entitled" don't think its fair for the police to govern them when they are in their car. Boo hoo! It's public property. Think about others rather than yourselves for a change.

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    Synthetic pot, also known as "spice" or K2 has similar properties as the "bath salts" that caused a man to eat another man's face off back in 2012

    Except that guy wasn't on bath salts, and only had marijuana in his system.

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    If this drug disrupts judgement to the point where he can't tell a red light from a green one, maybe that explains why he got behind the wheel in the first place. After taking the "herb" he wasn't able to think clearly or logically, wasn't able to judge his condition objectively and decide not to drive. Such reasoning might have been out of his power. Might also explain some of the others causing accidents DUI.

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    First off I don't see how marijuana is related to this article in any shape or form, unless he is explicitly quoted as saying "I did that worse drug because marijuana isn't legal". He may have liked doing this drug whether or not there were safe alternatives, so I don't know why that discussion is on the table.

    But secondly, those of you who are comparing driving under the influence of alchohol to driving under the influence of marijuana have clearly never been high before. Alcohol is countless times worse for impairing judgement... Alcohol is a heaving drug no matter how you look at it.

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    I don´t care what these guys sniff of drink in the privacy of their home, but there is no excuse for getting into a car after frying their brains. For that matter, sleeping pills are also legal, but driving after taking them is not, and should not be.

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    James Eggers

    This "Loophole" drug is known as "spice" in the U.S. Its very dangerous! More dangerous than marijuana. Its synthetic marijuana. They sell it aa a legal version. It is illegal in the U.S. and is becoming one of the most dangerous drugs to control...No official studies have been conducted on the effects of synthetic cannabinoids on humans (as is usually the case with known toxic and/or illegal compounds).However, reports describing effects seen in patients seeking medical care after taking synthetic cannabinoids have been published. Compared to cannabis and its active cannabinoid THC, the adverse effects are often much more severe and can include hypertension, tachycardia, myocardial infarction, agitation, vomiting, hallucinations, psychoses, seizures, convulsions and panic attacks. Among individuals who need emergency treatment after using synthetic cannabis, the most common symptoms are accelerated heartbeat, high blood pressure, nausea, blurred vision, hallucination and agitation. Other symptoms included epileptic seizures, acute psychosis, and heart attacks. So for tbose of yoi commenting that he would've been fine at home you're wrong! It cause hallucinations, heart attacks and all kinds of crazy side effects, I am police officer and I've witnessed multiple people on this drug! People have ended up with brain damage or even worse... DEAD! This is no laughing matter!!!

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    This guy is ruining it for the rest of the responsible loophole drug users.

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