Chiba policeman arrested for stalking ex-girlfriend


A Chiba prefectural policeman has been arrested for repeatedly sending emails to his former girlfriend following their breakup.

According to police, the suspect, identified as Yoshiyuki One, 26, is a traffic division officer. Fuji TV reported Wednesday that he has been charged with violating stalker regulation laws after he allegedly sent his former girlfriend over 70 emails for 15 days in May, stating, “please get back with me. If you don’t respond, I’ll surely die.”

Police said One had been acting suspicious while on duty leading some of his colleagues to contact his superiors, Fuji reported. Police said One has admitted to the charge and was quoted as saying, “It’s true that I kept sending her emails. She had to know that I still loved her.”

Japan Today

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    Ha ha! Loser! The reason she split up with you is obviously because you are a creep! Man up and move on!

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    Oh come On J-Cops! Please put own taxes to better use!

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    Dennis Bauer

    A step in the right direction, now to follow this policy through to the civillian population

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    I'm sure if he said "pretty please", she would have had a change of heart.

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    Full circle. i guess it was inevitable that a 'satsu would eventually get caught up in the current stalking hysteria.

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    It's against stalker laws to send a bunch of emails?

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    Mariam Tebourbi

    @Pandabelle: according to wikipedia : "In 2000, Japan enacted a national law to combat this behaviour, after the murder of Shiori Ino.[41] Acts of stalking can be viewed as "interfering [with] the tranquility of others' lives" and are prohibited under petty offence laws." didn't know that. I've been hearing a lot about women murdered by their stalkers lately (ex-bf, husband etc..) after police told them they couldn't do anything about the stalkers.

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    Got to start somewhere. If the cops don't know what's stalking how will the public. He should have know better!

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    The positive thing about this I think is that his colleagues actually did something about it. It would just be too easy for them to ignore his behavior and turn a blind eye since "He's one of us after all", but they didn't. Some hope there.

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    I come from the police station where I complained from my stalker. They recommended me to change my home, and when I said the stalker would follow me from work, they recommended changing my job, because my life was more important! Can you believe these are the policemen we pay taxes to work?

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    Now that is done if the judge places him in prison for a month for each e-mail he sent her along with weekly appoinments to a shrink to root out his mental illness that is an obsesion to hold control over others.

    Does J-Police even have shrinks assigned to them to root out problems like this?

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    Let me quote from police: "we do not have bodyguards; if someone poses a danger to you, we recommend hiring a bodyguard." No, J. Police has nothing, not even a sense of justice. They simply act according to their own interpretation of law and regulations and their major priority is their own job welfare. They do not care about the rest, at all. They are the closest it can get to robots, no mind of their own, simply programmed to do stuff they can do ...

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