China jails pollution protesters at Japanese plant

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    Money talks! All this China-Japan dispute goes out the window.....

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    Funny how now the PRC's paid protesters are blaming a Japanese company for their home brewed pollution when the PRC need only look in the mirror to see who is to blame.

    The PRC and it's paid protesters are so funny.

    IT's about time that Japan closes it's PRC factories and move either back home or to a civilized nation.

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    Carlos Shimozono

    Japan inc. cannot survive without China anymore, thats why chinese got so bold against Japan.

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    Local residents of Qidong protest a factory that's dumping waste in their water, which happens to be Japanese-owned? How dare they! Poor victim Japan again. Let's hear the world's tiniest violin.

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    @joebigs How does this make any sense? China is a developing nation, they are progressively learning the same as other nations have. Foreign factories go to those nations such as China because they dont care for the environment impact and dont have to deal with their own laws back home. Its easy to say Chinese pollute but the rest of the world demands their goods 24/7. If Japan were to make everything themselves they would polute the same. its hypocrisy to blame other developing nations, when the fact is big corporations in developped countries are laregly responsible

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    Exciting !!! China's air and water is toxic.... and dump the toxic water in the ocean.

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