Couple, acquaintance rearrested over body found in Chiba park


Two men and a woman have been rearrested in connection with the case of a man who was found dead in a park in Kashiwa, Chiba prefecture, last month, police said Wednesday.

According to police, Hidenobu Sasaki, 40, his wife Michiyo Sasaki, 23, and construction worker Tomohiro Ito, 25, are accused of beating to death Yoshinobu Shimizu with pans and other implements. Police said that Hidenobu Sasaki and Ito confessed to assaulting Shimizu after evidence was found suggesting that Sasaki had called Shimizu’s home telephone number, TV Asahi reported. However, police say that Mrs Sasaki is continuing to deny any involvement in the incident.

Police say they believe there may have been a disagreement relating to money between the four individuals, and that an investigation is underway to establish the circumstances that led up to the incident.

Japan Today

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Frying pans?? Scary but I still thank god Japan has no NRA!!

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    Frying pans?? Scary but I still thank god Japan has no NRA!!

    Wait for the NPA to make noises.... National Pan Association. Japan's 3rd amendment, "citizens right to carry a loaded frying pan for self defense"

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    Elbuda: No NRA, amen

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