Deutsche Securities reprimanded for excessive client entertainment in Japan

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    Japan’s financial regulator has ordered the Tokyo investment banking unit of Deutsche Bank to bolster its compliance "

    Another tough punishment J-Inc style...Deutche Bank and the rest must be shaking in their boots order to bolster compliance - that will teach them once and for all.

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    "reprimanded for excessive client entertainment"

    Ahh, only in Japan!

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    So this is where they've been spending the pay of my very capable and intelligent friend they had fired last month in South East Asia

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    No fines and no one goes to prison??? What were the pay-offs to the government for nothing to be done to the bank or any of it's employees???

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    No fines and no one goes to prison???

    Not yet. One of the employees was arrested earlier last week, along with one of the pension heads. I haven't heard that any charges were dropped. It should take time for a trial and sentencing, even if they plead guitly.

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    Dennis Bauer

    "reprimanded for excessive client entertainment"

    meaning "you stupid git, don't get caught again!"

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