Man arrested for killing father on New Year's Day


Police said Wednesday they have arrested a man in Saitama Prefecture for allegedly murdering his 76-year-old father at their home in Iwatsukiku Ward on New Year’s Day.

According to police, they received an emergency call from 39-year-old Isao Yamanaka, in which he said that he had murdered his father after an argument escalated. NTV reported that emergency workers arrived at the scene to find Yasumichi Yamanaka lying outside of his house, having been stabbed in the neck with a kitchen knife.

Yamanaka was taken to hospital but later pronounced dead. Police said that his son confessed to the murder at the scene and was taken into custody. 

Japan Today

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    So much for a Happy New Year.

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    Shi Yuehan

    Isao needs to take remedial anger management class.

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    It is sad how an entire family can be irreparably damaged in an instant due to lack of control during a single, heated moment.

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    Amen Cherokee

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    There was a huuuge fight in my husbands family last year. Things were peaceful this year after my Uncle was scolded and at least he left the scene instead of killing his mother over the argument. Grandmother has dementia and the disease has caused allot of stress within the family..and still does..I hope it never turns out the way this family did.

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    The only justification for killing your own father would be if he was in the act of torturing or killing someone.

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