Man steals 70,000 yen from Ibaraki convenience store


A man stole 70,000 yen from a convenience store in Kita-Ibaraki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Sunday morning.

According to police, the man entered the 7-Eleven store at about 4 a.m., threatened the 47-year-old male clerk with a knife and demanded money. He was described as being about 40, 170 cms tall and was wearing a dark blue parka with a hood and white face mask.

Nobody was injured in the incident, police said.

Japan Today

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Hard times for those 40 something??

  • 2


    White face masks have been a real boon to robbers.

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    Saulo Akazawa

    Rob a convenience store or keep a mc job for a week??? Hum... Not such an easy answer to everybody.

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    White face masks have been a real boon to mask makers.

    Robbers mask of choice.

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    70k? Doesn't really seem worth it considering the risk/reward at stake.

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    'White face mask' 40 Yrs old. Police later blocked off the entire region!

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    40, 170 cm tall... about 25% of the population, no?

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    40, 170 cm tall... about 25% of the population, no?


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    Wow, crime must be low in Japan if this makes it to the national news!

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    I see this guy on the train every morning, I guess the police dont look on the trains.

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    Stealing 700 dollars is national news in Japan. Wow ...

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    Slows news day? Might not be a bad thing when the worst you can report is a $700 theft.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    I always think it hilarious that in Japan you can wear a mask into a bank... Try to do that in California and you would be shot. It will soon be a cashless society using only credit cards and cell phones that track your every movement, purchase and robbers will have to resort to doing things like selling each others organs.

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    someone in parka, hooded, masked...and somehow they can tell he's in his 40s...

    thats good police work i tell ya

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    Carlos Godoy

    Kimo-Hawaii. There's no mention of any bank...

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