Man wanted over wife's murder caught after car accident


Police said Saturday they have arrested the husband of a woman who was found strangled to death in an apartment in Kyoto’s Fushimi Ward.

According to police, Wataru Kawasaki, 36, allegedly murdered his wife Tomiko, 34, with a length of rope on the evening of Jan 2 at their home. He called his mother and said he had killed Tomiko. He then fled the scene by car, taking with him their four young children.

Fuji TV reported that on Thursday at around noon, Kawasaki crashed his car through a
guardrail in Tokushima Prefecture. The car fell several meters off the road down a mountainside, landing upside down.

Kawasaki’s second son, 1, was seriously injured in the accident, while Kawasaki and his eldest daughter, 9, sustained minor injuries, police said. The other children were unharmed.

According to investigators, Kawasaki has confessed to the murder of his wife, although his motive is currently unclear, Fuji reported.

Japan Today

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    What a jackass........I hope and pray that the 1 year old survives this.

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    of course on top of all of his other criminal doings I'm sure that child is in bad condition due to not being strapped in a seat...this man deserves to never see the light of day again..murdering his wife then harming his children this way..I pray that the youngest survives his injuries.

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