Serial arsonist starts 7 fires in 4 hours in Tokyo


Police said Saturday they are investigating a suspected case of serial arson after seven fires were reported in the space of four hours in Tokyo.

Reports of the blazes came in from the capital’s Kita Ward between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday, TV Asahi reported. A futon was set on fire in Iwabuchi. Then the driver’s seat of a nearby truck was sety on fire. At around 5 p.m., another fire in a residential area spread to around 300 square meters and injured three. In total, emergency workers believe there were at least seven different fires in the vicinity.

Police say they suspect the incidents were the work of a serial arsonist.

Japan Today

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    Time to increase the number of CCTV to catch these type of people.

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    Hmmm a pyromaniac own the loose. I bet this guy has a collection of Zippos.

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    David Quintero Navarro

    Scary! Had a nut around Tachikawa doing the same crazy things a few years back!

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    Cortes Elijah

    Oh the things losers do in their free time. Why doesn't this degenerate get a damn job like the rest of us!

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    Zen student

    Lucky nobody has been hurt so far. Better catch this guy quick. If he sets off a fire in a residential area full of wooden houses, he could do some serious damage.

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    Zen student

    Self-edit, that should read "Lucky nobody has been seriously hurt/killed so far".

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