Akiko Wada performs at Apollo Theater in New York

Akiko Wada performs at Apollo Theater in New York


Singer Akiko Wada, 58, on Tuesday performed at the Apollo Theater in New York to mark the 40th anniversary of her debut. Wada is the first Asian to perform at the theater in its 140-year history.

Wada said, “Ray Charles ( who used to perform at the theater) is a God for me. He performed together with me on the 30th anniversary of my debut. But he passed away four years after that. I can’t believe I could perform here today.”

In the concert, Wada sang 14 songs, including her original songs and Ray Charles’ “Georgia on My Mind.” Some 1,450 people attended the concert.

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    Great for her, I would love to see video of her wonderful singing. I'm sure the audience was thrilled too to see such a classy lady.

    One thing though, I could be wrong but I don't think she's the first person of asian descent to perform at the Apollo. I believe there were several asians (of American descent) that performed at the Apollo theater, albeit for the 'Showtime at the Apollo' program. One was a Chinese American singer, the other was a Chinese American comedian. I can't remember their names but will have to check it out.

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    must have been hard for her to sing with all that constant buttery scent wafting from the audience

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    rjd_jr, I think they meant she's the first Asian to perform as a headliner.

    I'm sure there will be a TV special showing her performance. I'm glad she is still singing, and hasn't become a mindless talent as some other singers have.

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    She is still doing her best to show her talent.

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    if she doesn't pull an audience she could always go back to doing ads

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    I think she has a voice like a fog horn.

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