'Argo,' 'Les Miserables' win big at Golden Globes

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    This modern interpretation and very solid adaptation of the classic Victor Hugo novel is a wonderful film with almost no dialogue is about redemption and hope. The terrific performance by the awesome cast makes you sing, laugh, and sometimes cry. However the movie might not appeal to everybody. Well, too bad for them. If you love your musical go see the fine cinematography in the theater and rent it when it comes out on DVD. This flick is a must and you can't miss such a fine motion picture. You will love it.

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    Novenachama, I could not agree more...even the musical haters out there will be totally moved by this amazing film... Please go see it people!

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    The new version of Les Miserables is excellent, though I am getting SOOOOO tired of hearing about it from all around me; worse still is how people here pronounce the title, The French "Les" and the the English pronunciation of "Miserable(s)".

    Anyway, no surprise it won some awards. Haven't seen the others yet, but am looking forward to Lincoln, at least.

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