GLAY spend Y1.5 billion on 15th anniversary concerts in Yokohama

GLAY spend Y1.5 billion on 15th anniversary concerts in Yokohama GLAY's Teru leaps up during a concert at Nissan Stadium. PHOTO BY YASUO CHIMURA


Popular rock band GLAY rocked Nissan Stadium in Yokohama over the weekend, spending roughly 1.5 billion yen putting together two “GLAY 15th anniversary Special Live 2009 THE GREAT VACATION” concerts, which attracted about 150,000 fans.

The group belted out 21 songs including “SOUL LOVE” and “HOWEVER” on a stage over 100 meters wide and 30 meters high, dubbed “HOTEL GLAY.” They also pleased all sections of the crowd when they went around the venue on a 500 meter-long stage extension that circled the stadium. 

GLAY will perform at 14 venues when their nationwide tour begins on Nov 21. 

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    1,500,000,000? At 100 yen to the dollar that would be 15 million dollars. That seems somewhat excessive. Is that right? Mind you, if they did get 150,000 fans and charged them 10,000 yen each, which seems a lot for a local band, they could break even.

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    They also pleased all sections of the crowd


    "So, how was the concert? Rocking? Wicked?"

    "Yes, I was very pleased."

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    Ichi oku gosenman ?

    150 000 000 would be more realistic !

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    totally glay

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    Yeah, right. Great spin.

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    Seems a lot.

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    15 years for that music ! What is with the name anyway ? GLAY ??

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    charged them 10,000 yen each, which seems a lot for a local band

    I don't think you've priced concert tickets in Japan much! It's a bit on the high side, but not by that much...

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    GLAY = not white, not black but some where in between.

    This is how a friend who is a fan described their name to me.

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    Glay didn't spend this money the event promoter and label did.

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    Aren't artists supposed to make money on concerts? Maybe they make their money on licensing/merchandising. GLAY t-shirt anyone?

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    In another 15 years, they will really be GLAY. Their name will make more sense.

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    yes they're all very glay, obviously

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    Nothing like GLAY at House of Blues in LA next month !

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