In Psy's musical wake, K-pop tries substance over style in star search

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    If only the same thing would happen for J pop.

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    choco chang

    no sense at all

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    Still i havent heard a Korean song that i want to hear a second time. Maybe i have too much of bryan adams an u2

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    not sure I agree that average K pop stars are "lovingly groomed". More like "ruthlessly exploited and marketed"

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    Hmmm, she emphasized that "I need to focus on singing well." That would be nice. But, I have an idea: why not focus on having a soul? For example, writing your own lyrics and music and treating music as expression and not just a product? Maybe she does, but the article doesn't seem to mention it. This article talks about "quality content," but not surprisingly no one hints at what that might mean, other than promoting artists from talent shows and indie labels. That's a start I suppose, but I sense a disconnect.

    A lot of my favorite musicians aren't necessarily great singers, but they are original and interesting to listen to.

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