Jackie Chan: Upcoming film will be last big action movie

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    What an awesome career he has had. I love his movies. I also agree that he should slow down a little in the action department. He deserves the rest after all the stunts and injuries he has sustained over the years.

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    How many times has he said this? lol

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    Well, I would think so. Thumbs up to him that he is still doing this stuff at 58, but realistically age sets limits for your body eventually.

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    I hope he goes into commedy. He can be really funny.

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    gokai - Virtually all of Jackie's movies are funny!

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    I love Jackie Chan, and while I've no doubt he'll still be in movies, and they're be SOME action, it's sad to admit the fact that he's aging and can't keep doing what he's doing. I look forward to seeing his next film. The man has had an amazing career, and has amazing talent.

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    ok, ok...i forgive you for medallion and spy next door

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    Ben Drinken

    Jackie Chan's life career = Bruce Lee + comedy

    Is this the sum of our ambition?

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    suprised he wasnt in the expendables 2 lol they had everyone else just about. But Im hoping theres a US release and they dont change the name. I read the plot and it kinda reminded me of Jackie chan adventures :)

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    "Is this the sum of our ambition?"

    Better than most, I'd wager.

    Jackie Chan's a pretty amazing actor who's had an inspiring and entertaining career up to this point. He's right. No point in putting himself into a wheelchair to do scenes for action films that SFX can more than adequately take care of. Good luck to him. Can't wait to see his new film.

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    suprised he wasnt in the expendables 2

    I have a sneaking suspicion that with the exception of Jet Li, even at 58 he would have embarassed the other action stars with what he can still do in front of the camera.

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