Kabuki star Ichikawa Danjuro dies after leukemia fight

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    He was a magnificent actor and supporter of the traditions and he was also a very fine man. He will be missed.

    Rest at ease.

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    Another blow to the Kabuki world. Two great talents in such a short time. RIP.

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    RIP, Danjuro.

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    Is this the Ishikawa Danjuro who appeared at Lincoln Center in NYC in the 1980s?

    and Nakamura Kanzaburo - both too young, too much time to broaden the appeal of Kabuki outside Japan - they should have had 20 or 30 more years. I live in NY, but had the privilege to see them both. ANd to interview Kanzaburo.
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    Too young, so sad. RIP. Thanks for your dedication to this cultural event.

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    Very sad to see his passing. However, on a bright note, I was very pleased to see the way how his son Ebizo has been handling himself in front of the media. He seems to have matured quite well.

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    David L Reinke

    I first saw Danjuro perform in 1978, on video tape, when he was the rising young actor named Ebizo. Even in the relatively 'small' role of the Noodle Seller in the play Sukeroku, Danjuro took the stage by storm and more than held his own on a stage already filled with major kabuki stars including Onoe Shoroku playing the title role.

    Danjuro was an actor of immense talent & energy -- a true powerhouse of an actor. He will be missed.

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    Bartholomew Harte

    A real shock to the world of Kabuki as well as the Arts ! Both artists gone before their time but we all hope the sons of these fine men will carry on in this art,which is unique in the world.

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    Another sad loss, I hope his family and his fans find peace.

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    Chuichi Hashimura

    The great Kabuki star Ichikawa Danjuro and I are the same generation! May his soul rest in peace.

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