Mariah Carey to throw out first pitch at baseball game


American singer Mariah Carey, 38, will throw out the opening pitch at the Yomiuri Giants v Rakuten Eagles match at Tokyo Dome on May 28.

NTV said Carey will take part in the ceremony to promote her new album “E=MC²” from which the network’s baseball telecast theme song “Lovin’ you long time” comes. Carey is scheduled to come to Japan at the beginning of next week.

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    Batter may expect Nickel Curve (hanging slider) from her.

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    expect her to throw a diva strop if she doesn't get it right...yawn...

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    With the way the Giants are playing this year, they should get her to throw pitches 2-100 as well.

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    No picture? :(

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    Wouldn't it be called the "Tokyo DomeS" when Mariah is there?

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    “Lovin’ you long time”

    Is this to be released in Thailand is it?

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    She was originally supposed to do this at a Carp game but the little E equals MC square thing kind of got in the way.

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    mariah carey and baseball in one thread. almost belittles the imagination. how god-forsaken minor can you get??

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    Maria Carey is an interesting study in economic trends. Seems the more money she makes, the less clothes she wears. Hhmmmmm!

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