Megan Fox to star in new 'Ninja Turtles' film

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    You know when you see a really, really terrible movie, and think to yourself, "who comes up with this garbage.."?

    Now you know.

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    The last anime movie of the turtles was good. Michael Bay has made some good flicks so... we'll see.

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    They are going to make a crappy remake of some crappy movie from the 1990's?

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    Hottest April O'Niel ever!

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    How many bloody times are they going to remake TMNT? It was a great RPG, and a fun cartoon on Saturday mornings 20 years or so ago, but the whole movie thing has failed time and again. They're starting to make all The Punisher movies look better!

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    Fox’s agent confirmed that the 26-year-old new mother would play April O’Neil, the crime-fighting turtles’ human friend.

    I didn't know April O'Neil's character was that of a slut?

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