Miniskirt Police release DVD and announce return of late night TV show

Miniskirt Police release DVD and announce return of late night TV show The Miniskirt Police


The Minisuka (Miniskirt) Police will return to TV screens this Saturday night after a three-year absence. The law-enforcing ladies attended an event in Akihabara to report on this latest development, and to raise public awareness of their new DVD “Fukkatsu! Minisuka Porisu.”

The group of 11 new recruits make up the 14th unit of the Miniskirt Police – an elite force that was inaugurated in the early 1990s. They reported for duty at the Sofmap MegaStore near Akihabara station on Sunday wearing their trademark miniskirt uniform, and as luck would have it for the male fans in attendance, the ladies later stripped down to their underwear and shook hands with each and every one of them.

Their comeback show will air on Saturday night shortly after midnight on Television Saitama TV (Teletama.) For those who don’t live in Saitama, or are interested in meeting the Miniskirt Police in person, they will be at the HMV store near Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City next Sunday at 1 p.m., and at Tower Records in Shinjuku the Sunday after, again at 1 p.m. They will also be in Osaka (Nipponbashi branch of the Nobunaga book store chain) and Kyoto (location yet to be confirmed) on Aug 23.

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    Sometimes I really miss Japan. Tokyo remains an adult Disneyland.

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    If you are going to do something illegal in Japan, try Saitama after lunch this Sunday.

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    Saitama TV... it had to be, really.

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    Are these real police? Does the police department think this improves their image?

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    And they wonder why woman get grooped on the train and perverts take upskirt pictures.

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    Teletama?? No fair!! This should be on NHK so I can see it. It would boost the programme schedule quality, too.

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    "the ladies later stripped down to their underwear and shook hands with each and every one of them." great message to the gropers and perverts out there

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    I heart The Miniskirt Police. Especially the one in blue!

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    So the earlier news on how one of them groped was a publicity stunt ' a la japonaise'??? What a waste!

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    They better keep their mouth covered when they laugh, we don't want this to get out of hand.

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    strip down to their underwear? do they always do this? Aug. 23? osaka? cant...think...straight....mind becoming...overpowered....

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    Great they're back again...I wondered where they went....some of the most stupidest yet funny things happen on the show....

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    Yipee! And hopefully they'll have many new recruitments. It was a wacky show worth staying up for.

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    we need BIGGER pic here................helloooooooooooo

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    oberst - We're lucky to have this little photo.

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    to raise public awareness

    is this a euphemism?

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    glad they are back!

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