Robert Downey Jr. promotes 'Iron Man 3' in Beijing

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    Does the man make the suit, or does the suit make the man?

    And will this be better than Iron Man 2?

    And please let it not be in 3D ( of course it will be )

    One good thing - Pepper Potts is back! Will there be a fight scene with her and Dr Wu's beautiful wife?

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    Jack Stern

    It will be in 3D and in IMAX starting the 26th of April.

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    Love the Iron man series for the introductory rock music as he makes his entrance. American razzamatazz at its decadence best! Can't wait for the movie to hit town....

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    Downey is a talented actor - I just hope he can keep off the gear.

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    So why isn't he promoting the movie in Japan ? Oh yeah, he is a notorious criminal, gotta keep them outta here.

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    The Mandarin is a Chinese baddy-do the Chinese know this?

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    Scott Allen Frederick

    @ Kurisupisu, in the comic yes, but I think they changed the character a bit to avoid any politcal back-lash...I think his ethnicity is "unknown" in the movie.

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    bingtanghulu??? Never heard of it, looks yummy though. I hate Downey, but I love the entire ironman movies. I can't wait to see this.

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    So why isn't he promoting the movie in Japan ? Oh yeah, he is a notorious criminal, gotta keep them outta here.

    Yes, since he had a prior drug conviction, years ago and been clean and sober for more than 6 years. You might think that Japan could forgive his past convictions and introduce and promote Iron Man 3 to a country that could use the cash and the publicity. The movie entertainment industry in Japan is very boring, not to mention is notoriously famous for being one of the last countries to release NEW movies. China is slowly surpassing American audiences as movie goers and have a huge appetite for New movies, it's a business and both sides see $$ signs. They shot a completely different version just for China and it seems Hollywood is going that route from now on. Making Chinese versions of the original international made films. Hollywood is trying to appease and not offend the Chinese, after all, it's a business. So why should they jump hoops for Japan? Movie going is NOT that big of an entertainment outlet, but China is, so it makes more sense go heavy in China. Even with Downey's past drug conviction, China doesn't care, it's the past, but Japan doesn't think like that. So if Japan wants to miss out on the heavy publicity that Iron Man 3 can generate, it's all on them.

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