Southern All Stars announce comeback after 5 years

Southern All Stars announce comeback after 5 years Southern All Stars


Legendary Japanese rock band Southern All Stars on Tuesday announced that they will reunite five years after they split. The announcement was such big news in Japan’s entertainment world that some newspapers handed out extras in front of train stations such as Shimbashi and Shibuya in Tokyo.

Tuesday marked the 35th anniversary of the band’s debut.

Southern All Stars will release a new CD single called “Peace and Highlight” in August as well as play nine concerts in five cities—Yokohama (Aug 10-11), Kobe (Aug 17-18), Chigasaki (Aug 31-Sept 1), Toyota City (Sept 7-8) and Miyagi (Sept 22). 

The band announced they were splitting up in 2008 to pursue solo projects. Frontman Keisuke Kuwata canceled a scheduled nationwide tour in 2010 to undergo surgery for cancer of the esophagus. After the operation, he made a triumphant comeback on NHK’s New Year’s Eve program “Kohaku Uta Gassen” on Dec 31, 2010, and in 2011, released a solo album which rocketed to the top of Japan’s Oricon album chart. Last summer, Kuwata released a double-CD album of 30 singles he released as a solo artist. He has also taken part in many activities to help victims of the March 11, 2011 disaster.

“I was wondering when they would come back. But I knew that it would be this year. It’s their 35th anniversary, that’s why,” one excited fan told Sports Nippon paper.

Japan Today

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    While I don't really listen to their music (of course you can't avoid it at shops and such), I have always respected this band. They play for the music, and don't sell out like 98% of Japanese musicians (instantly do commercials, interviews, muzak, tarento shows, posters, etc.). What's more they are very talented, play instruments, write their own music, and from what I've heard put on a good show.

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    What's more they are very talented, play instruments, write their own music, and from what I've heard put on a good show.

    I completely agree, they write their own music and they are instantly recognizable due to their style and Kuwata's voice. The first Japanese song I liked was their "nameda no kisu", it was and is a really beautiful song.

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    Yes, one of the better local bands.

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    It was an amazing comeback for Kuwata, and I'm glad they're back.

    I hope time comes in the future when they can sing the song "Tsunami" again, because it was a really good song until the big one came 2 years ago.

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    Have LOVED this band since their debut. Especially enjoyed their "O Miso Ka" bashes in Yokohama. Had the distinct pleasure of attending several of their concerts over the years. Okaeirinasai, SAS !

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    My introduction to japanese music, thirty something years back was southern all stars' "itoshi no eri". Welcome back kuwata and company.

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    Awesome news - damn, I'm happy! :-)

    My wife and I went to their 30th anniversary farewell concert just before they disbanded. Incredible - 300,000 fans rocking packed stadiums over 4 concerts.

    Loved it. :-)

    Kuwata is incredibly talented, but without him they would likely be lost. Kind of like when INXS lost Michael Hutchence or if the Police lost Sting.

    I actually rate SAS as more entertaining than the Beatles. The Beatles had the songs and song-writing talent, but SAS ....they put on a show.  They are >fun< to watch (and heck, they have a lot of fun, too - it's contagious.) Kuwata does it all - writes, frontman, sings, dances and entertains - he/they have got it all.

    Welcome back SAS! :-)

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    Pls don't compare Kuwata-san to anyone else. He's all time unique. His earlier songs are even more unique, cute .... I was 18 yo back then, a foreigner, when he came out w/ Katteni S..... and adults(my mom) was saying he's too monsterous. That's what's funny about him and especially at that age, he came up w/ such pretty original tunes .... until now.

    I have been listening to him on YOU-TUBE for years recently and was thinking that they should come back and they did. I must be becoming a psychic about them.

    Too bad Kuwata-san, you couldn't keep all that cute look after smoking so much & etc..etc... One thing you couldn't take care.... health.

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    Welcome back!

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    Greg Schwartz

    Oh ................... umi no YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My all-time favorite band. Only wish I could have seen them live. Wish they'd come to the States!


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