'Star Trek' future is history in new book

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    Jeff Ogrisseg

    The 2009 "Star Trek" is the first movie in the franchise to get an Academy Award (Best Makeup), but the writer of this $100, news-making book couldn't figure out how to include a pre-TOS story that takes place in an alternate timeline. Time travel and other temporal matters are ubiquitous in the Star Trek world. And who wants to hear George Takei's voice? If only Majel Barett were alive, that's a voice that spanned generations. Still, this would be fun to have as an e-book.

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    I like Takei's voice quite a lot, actually.

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    And who wants to hear George Takei's voice?

    Judging by his number of facebook subscribers, everyone does.

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    I like George. I enjoyed his stint as a main character's father in the series "Heroes".

    $99 for this "history" isn't that bad if you get all that other stuff along with the book. Trek afficianados will snap this up quickly.

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    Lyndon Green

    Amazon US has it for $59.99.

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