Tom Cruise turns down Psy's Gangnam challenge

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    Kobuta Chan

    Wow! Very diplomatic replied from Tom Cruise.

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    Wow! Very diplomatic replied from Tom Cruise

    I think it is too, and it was the correct response to make. He's not interested in the song/dance, is my guess, but he's not going to rubbish it. It goes to show that Cruise has got good common sense (usually), and why he remains popular.

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    Kobuta: He can be very diplomatic, so long as you don't touch on anything that goes against Scientology. Regardless, it would have been fun to see Cruise do it along with so many of the other celebrities that have, but to each their own, and he WAS one of the one's who praised Psy in the first place.

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    you know what they say: "white men can't dance!" ;-)

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    He has more self-respect than I expected.

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    He has to stay on the media's good side after being heavily criticized for his Oprah shenanigans.

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    Clearly Psy is doing all he can to carry his 15 minutes of fame into 2013...

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    Psy has been invited to perform at the Super Bowl. Hope Gangnam style fades away very soon.

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    Tom has proven he can dance in the last bit in the movie Tropic Thunder! If anyone can pull it off, Tom can!

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    Tom just doesn't want another clip to go along with the one from "Risky Business" where he slides on-camera in his "tighty whiteys" to the tune of Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll".

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    Tom Cruise can't do this. He learned from his Sofa Jumping on Oprah. Smart move.

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    He has more self-respect than I expected.

    You nailed it. Not a big fan of him nor his Scientology thing, but kudos to him for not stooping to the level of some one-hit wonder act who's sooo last year.

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    Carlos Godoy

    After tropic thunder he has no need to prove his dancing skills.

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