U.S. cops, in-flight movies may be model for Panasonic survival

U.S. cops, in-flight movies may be model for Panasonic survival Hide Harada, director of IT products of Panasonic Corp, poses with the company's Toughbook laptop (L) and Toughpad tablet at his business unit's headquarters in Moriguchi.

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    Shi Yuehan

    Nice job...Toughbook is like KM was....Tough.

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    Going the way of the dodo? It happens. Theses same companies did it to the U.S. TV companies back in the '80s and now it's happening to them. It's all cyclical. If they can't compete, let them die.

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    I am a big toughbook fan. The Chinese internal market is so big that they make things for Asian taste, which (since very few Asians like to get dirty, and there is no work in Japanese for "outdoor" activities other than the English) often means not tough, not rugged. Japan has to go upmarket and for that b2b is best.

    "has warned his business units they will be closed or sold if they fail to match Toughbook’s success, giving each two years to deliver at least a 5% operating margin. " Wow. Times are tough.

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    I have some sympathy for the Japanese electronic makers. It's not their fault that manipulating the price of JPY became of sport of hedge funds and investment banks. The best thing that could happen to these companies is a 10-20% decline of the JPY.

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    Sharp has already been sold to Taiwan Hon Hai Ltd. Sony and Panasonic will not last long too. Reality is Samsung is making everything of electrical goods and kicking out all competitors. If touch book will be made by Samsung, they will be cheaper, lighter and visually pleasing. Apple has been losing some market share to Samsung too.

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    I'd be dead in the water without the Toughbook. Thank you Panasonic, I hope you produce them for the next decades as well.

    My first one, from 10 years ago still works without problems, although it took a tremendous amount of abuse... (think - being frozen in a car at -30 degrees Celsius, then dropped in water, while working). Thousands of automotive and aerospace engineers own their careers in part to their Toughbooks.

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